Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2017



Biodiversity Without Boundaries 2017
9 April 2017 to 13 April 2017
Ottawa, Ontario
Nature Serve

This year's theme, Managing Natural Resources and Biodiversity in a Rapidly Changing World, highlights and acknowledges the uses and pressures on our natural resources as well as the efforts and activities to protect and conserve them.

Throughout the conference, our Network Programs, partners, and clients will come together around a variety of topics, and walk through the many phases and challenges of conservation, including:

*Identifying the main challenge(s)/problem(s)
*Acquiring and managing key knowledge
*Successfully designing and implementing conservation actions and solutions
*Measuring success, progress, and the overall impact of these efforts
*At the completion of the conference, all participants and their organizations will have a better understanding of their role and influence in conservation and how they can coordinate, connect, and work together to enhance conservation outcomes.

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