Can you tell me more about the face-to-face activities of BES-Net?

The face-to-face capacity building activities – the BES-Net “Trialogues” – are multi-stakeholder dialogues focusing on specific policy questions at the national and regional levels. By facilitating fruitful discussions among the three BES-Net communities of policy, science/knowledge holders and practice, the trialogues will contribute to addressing specific policy issues to help unlock shifts in the development trajectory of societies towards sustainability.

The first round of BES-Net Trialogues, funded by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) will focus on specific science-policy questions of relevance to IPBES and will foster meaningful discussions leading to sound policy recommendations.

Intensive preparation, organization and follow-up, as well as innovative facilitation techniques, will ensure successful capacity building of individuals and participants as a group.

These events will also bring products and tools, such as those produced by IPBES, to the country level and will use the content of the web-portal and its users as resources.

The trialogues, as stated by the Africa group during the IPBES-3 plenary, are critical to enhancing the capacity of developing countries as a complement to online activities. They will provide unique opportunities for countries and regions to discuss a specific policy issue of direct relevance to their context.

By fostering interactions between participants, the events should promote longer-term dialogue between participants, hereby strengthening the science-policy-practice interface.

For more information, please consult the BES-Net Concept Note.