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Public consultation on an EU initiative for pollinators
11 January 2018      European Union      European Commission

European Commission- Environment department is engaging all the stakeholders to participate to the consultation which aims to collect views on the decline of pollinators in order to inform the development of an EU initiative on pollinators.

National Banana Festival 2018
17 February 2018      Kalliyoor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala      Centre of Innovation in Science and Social Action
International Conference on Ecology, Ecosystems and Climate Change (ECOLOGY '18)
23 February 2018      Istanbul, Turkey      Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center (DAKAM)

The International Conference on Ecology, Ecosystems and Climate Change (ECOLOGY '18) will be held at Nippon Meeting Halls in Istanbul.

Regional Bio-Bridge Initiative Round Table for Central and Eastern Europe and the Central Asian Republics
26 February 2018      Minks, Belarus      Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

The event is organized with the scope of introduction to technical and scientific cooperation for the effective implementation of the Convention and its Protocols and present the overview of the Bio-Bridge Initiative

Blue Solutions Fair 2018
13 March 2018      Thailand      Blue Solutions

The effects of climate change are increasingly felt, and threaten livelihoods and biodiversity in coastal and marine ecosystems, globally.

IPBES-6 Plenary
17 March 2018      Medellin, Colombia      IPBES Secretariat

Plenary of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy
Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Sixth session

Landscape Governance Course
2 April 2018      Wageningen, The Netherlands      Wageningen University/ICIFOR/CDI/ICRAF

This course challenges forest and nature management professionals to adopt an integrative perspective, to look beyond the forest, and build bridges between the public and the private sector.

World Symposium on Climate Change and Biodiversity (WSCCB-2018)
3 April 2018      Manchester, United Kingdom      International Climate Change Information Programme (ICCIP)/Hamburg University of Applied Sciences/Manchester Metropolitan University

At present, many individual governments, financial Institutes and international donors are currently spending billions of dollars in projects around climate change and biodiversity, but with little coordination.

NEXUS 2018: Water, Food, Energy and Climate
16 April 2018      Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA      The Water Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Organized by the Water Institute, this conference will focus on the science-policy interface, partnerships, solutions, review of Sustainable Development Goal commitments (2018 and for the Heads of State review in 2019), sharing of tools, indicator

The face-to-face capacity building activities – the BES-Net “Trialogues” – are multi-stakeholder dialogues focusing on specific policy questions at the national and regional levels. By facilitating fruitful discussions among the three BES-Net communities of policy, science/knowledge holders and practice, the trialogues will contribute to addressing specific policy issues to help unlock shifts in the development trajectory of societies towards sustainability.

E.g., 02/18/2018

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BES-Net Trialogues
BES-Net Trialogue on Pollinators, Food Security and Rural Development
18 October 2017      Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina      UNDP & Bosnia and Herzegovina (Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism)

According to a recent global report on pollinators conducted by IPBES, 70% of the plants that we eat, and 90% of wildflowers depend on pollinators.

E.g., 02/18/2018

No Events Found.

E.g., 02/18/2018

No Events Found.

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