Forest and climate campaigner

Type of offer: 

Campaign tasks:
• Researching, developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating campaign strategies
• Monitoring developments on Forest and climate issues at the Member State, EU, and international level
• Joining important public events and stakeholder meetings on related (policy) issues
• Facilitating and/or participating in Brussels, European and international NGO networks active on bioenergy and climate issues
• Building and maintaining relationships with NGOs, relevant scientists and key policy makers
• Conducting and/or commissioning research
• Writing publications or managing consultancy contracts to ensure publications are delivered
• Ensuring Fern’s climate work reflects Fern’s values including a commitment to gender justice.
Seeking and maintaining useful press contacts
• Analysing complex policy debates and developing communication materials to explain them in an accessible way
• Working with Fern’s communications team to develop and deliver communication and press strategies
• Writing regular campaign updates and articles for, among others, Fern’s newsletter EU Forest Watch (10 issues per year).
Reporting on meetings and producing work plans
• Managing the campaign budget in close co-operation with Fern’s financial officer, campaigns coordinator and Fern’s other forest and climate campaigners
• Reporting to donors
• Helping fundraise for the successful continuation of Fern campaigns, as well as managing high-level donor contacts
• Internal management tasks. These may involve mentoring, fundraising, internal communications, gender, external communications, or finance.

Brussels (Belgium)
Friday, July 13, 2018