GIZ Survey on EbA-relevant Valuation Methods

The BMUB-IKI funded global project "Mainstreaming EbA," implemented by GIZ, is currently carrying out a short (10 question) online survey seeking to collect information about applied methods for assessing and measuring EbA benefits (social, environmental, economic) delivered by ecosystem services, especially on storm damage protection, flood protection, drought control, control of landslides, waterflow regulation and water storage. The aim is to identify best practices and lessons learned that can serve to enhance future work to strengthen the ability of decision-makers to mainstream EbA into policy and planning processes.

GIZ is hoping to learn about studies which:

  • Assess, evaluate or measure the benefits and impacts of ecosystem based adaptation (EbA);
  • Compare or contrast EbA benefits and impacts with those of ‘grey’ adaptation infrastructure; and/or
  • Assess, evaluate or measure ecosystem services which relate to climate adaptation (e.g. watershed protection, drought mitigation, flood control, coastal protection, disaster-risk reduction, etc.).

These could be any type of study, for example: technical investigations, project planning or appraisal processes, advocacy or awareness campaigns, training and capacity building exercises, case studies or academic research. They might have been carried out by projects, international organisations, government agencies, NGOs, research institutes, universities, consultants or the private sector.

Results will be compiled as a publicly available sourcebook of EbA-relevant valuation methods but also feed into a toolbox of EbA-relevant methods being set up in coordination with the IIED/IUCN/UNEP-WCMC implemented project "Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA): Strengthening the evidence and informing policy."

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