National Conference on Behavioural Ecology: Responses to Changing Climate



National Conference on Behavioural Ecology: Responses to Changing Climate
24 November 2017 to 25 November 2017
Kachchh, Gujarat, India
Ethological Society of India/Gujarat Institute of Desert Ecology

Human activities are having a profound impact on the natural world—from climate change and habitat destruction to overharvesting of natural resources and the problem of invasive species. Increasing human population and unsustainable resource utilization have brought about unprecedented changes to environment worldwide. For many species, behavioural adjustments represent the first response to altered conditions. Species behaviour can play a leading role in adjusting with anthropogenic changes and help to explain why some species are able to survive, or even flourish, under human altered conditions, whereas others flounder. Individual behaviour plays pivotal role in
determining the fate of species under human-induced environmental change. Therefore, behavioural plasticity and individual responses are important in keeping pace with changing environmental conditions. The purpose of this conference is to provide insights into our understanding of how species adjust their behaviour to human-induced climate change and determining the success of a species under anthropogenic change.

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