Type of offer: 

The purpose of this position is to support in managing all aspects related to the online communication and outreach activities of BES-Net. More specifically the scope of work entails the following: 1. Support BES-Net communication, knowledge management and networking efforts, and their monitoring and reporting: • Expand and update the BES-Net web portal contents regularly (e.g. News, BES resources, events, job/internship information, forums and working groups, etc.) in close coordination with other BES-Net team members and based on regular monitoring of the network partner websites; • Provide technical support for the management and expansion of the BES-Net social media channels and collaborative tools (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vimeo); • Support for the development, formatting and circulation of the bi-monthly newsletter through the dedicated BES-Net web portal tools; • Facilitate collaboration and networking activities within the web portal; • Generate monthly analytics on the BES-Net web portal and social media channels and provide biannual comprehensive statistical reports in correspondence with the set of indicators set for project monitoring; and • Provide inputs on the amendments of existing BES-Net communication products and development of new resources. 2. Liaise with the web-developers on the improvement and maintenance of the web portal: • Liaise with the web developers, designers and the BES-Net team to ensure that the web development works are conducted as per the agreed work plan in a timely manner; • Review the improved web portal content regularly and report technical issues, if any; and • Liaise with BES-Net partners and web portal users to solicit feedback and inform future web portal improvement works, etc. 3. Administer and monitor the web-portal activities: • Oversee the posting of contents and development of new functionality on the web portal as per the web portal management protocols; • Ensure the regular security updates and provide regular monitoring and troubleshooting support of the portal in close coordination with the web hosting company; • Maintain the BES-Net partners and web portal users/experts database up-to-date; • Respond to users’ inquiries and requests and develop/update guidance documents for users; • Suggest areas of future web portal improvements such as layout, design and navigation, to enhance accessibility, user-friendliness, content quality, ease of maintenance/update and information retrieval; • Propose updates on the overall BES-Net Communication and Stakeholders Engagement Strategy based on changing the technical landscape and user needs; • Provide the BES-Net team members with training support on the use of the portal and social media channels on a need basis; and • Manage/monitor BES-Net related email accounts administrator’s’ rights and use regularly. 4. Others • BES-Net database management support; and • Administrative and project management support (supporting procurement and reporting processes) 

Monday, July 16, 2018