Who is BES-Net intended for and who are the BES-Net Partners?

BES-Net develops and manages a capacity building “network of networks” made up of policymakers, scientists/knowledge holders, and practitioners, working in the field of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

In implementing its mandate, BES-Net follows an inclusive approach, collaborating with relevant Multilateral Environmental Agreements, and drawing on the support of many other partner organisations and individual users of the BES-Net web portal.

BES-Net intends to work in synergy with all partners, and avoid duplication of work. This includes using the BES-Net web portal to drive traffic to partner organisations' websites where and highlighting the work they are doing, as well as the data and knowledge they can provide.

BES-Net is guided in its work by an Advisory Committee, composed of UNDP, the BES-Net donors and key partners involved in the IPBES capacity building work.