Type of offer: 
The Performance, Innovation and Strategic Analysis for Impact Program is currently searching for an Agricultural Economist who will play a key role  in the Alliance’s ex ante analysis and foresight activities. This role will contribute to developing analytical and modelling frameworks that integrate biophysical, ecological and socio-economic domains in order to evaluate the impacts of various interventions, such as increased agrobiodiversity cultivation, pest and disease management and sustainable intensification practices on livelihoods and ecosystems taking into account future drivers of change, such as climate change and economic growth.
The location for this position is flexible to the HQ offices in Rome, Italy or the Africa hub in Nairobi, Kenya.
Key Responsibilities
  • Contribute to the collaborative effort among scientists  in the Alliance, other CGIAR centers and partners (e.g. Wageningen University) leading to interdisciplinary research on strategic foresight and ex ante impact assessment of interventions in the areas of agrobiodiversity, ecosystem services, pest and disease spread, sustainable intensification and other areas of importance for the Alliance.
  • In collaboration with partners of the One CGIAR Initiative on “ Foresight and metrics to accelerate inclusive and sustainable agri-food system transformation” develop integrated analytical frameworks linking ecological, biophysical and socio-economic domains and apply available modeling tools and frameworks (possibly including MESH, IMPACT, FarmDesign, CLEANED)  in order to conduct these analyses.
  • Contribute to development of partnerships/collaborations, to the writing of project proposals and work plans, to the preparation of workshops.
  • Produce scientific papers for peer-reviewed journals and proceedings.
  • Represent the Performance, Innovation and Strategic Analysis for Impact program in key workshops and conferences.
  • Supervise short-term consultants or interns working for the foresight projects.
  • Perform other duties as required.
Rome -HQ
Alliance of Bioversity and CIAT
Friday, June 11, 2021