Type of offer: 

The Communications Director is responsible for developing and supporting effective communication strategies for Oceana in Mexico's campaigns. The Communications Director must be dedicated to Oceana's mission, understand its campaign goals and actively support its success in achieving them. The Communications Director will work in service to the campaign directors to guide the strategy for all communications around campaigns, and with the VP to guide overall communications for Oceana in Mexico. This includes website and social media messages as well as earned and paid media. The Communications Director is responsible for consistently articulating Oceana in Mexico's mission. The Communications Director will ensure that Oceana in Mexico is viewed as a primary source, disseminator and conduit of information related to effectively managing and rebuilding Mexico's marine resources. The Communications Director will work in support of the Campaign Directors and report to the Mexico Vice President. The Communications Director will manage one to two communications managers in support of Oceana's campaigns in Mexico.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement and evaluate the annual communications plan, and campaign communications plans including earned and paid media and social media. 
  • Build Oceana base of supporters in Mexico's, generating content that engages target audience across all channels and leads to measurable actions.
  • Raise the profile of Oceana's brand in Mexico, and campaign initiatives, developing and implementing strategies that lead to increased awareness and campaign momentum.
  • Secure news stories for Oceana's campaigns in all mediums, including print, online, radio and TV. 
  • Effectively engage local and national media contacts.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of communications activities.
  • Take on a spokesperson role where appropriate.
  • Oversee the day-to-day management and successful operation of the communications team.
  • Organize and manage the process of selecting outsourced agencies/services and manage deadlines and quality of scheduled deliveries.
  • Create material that leads to momentum and awareness as well as tools to test the effectiveness of communications activities.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Sunday, October 17, 2021