Type of offer: 

The GBIF Secretariat seeks proposals from consultants to research and draft a written study assessing the impact of the first phase of the Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) programme (2015-2019) in its target regions of sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP), using selected indicators recommended in a baseline study carried out in the early phase of the programme.  
In order to report effectively on the results of the BID programme, GBIF Secretariat is committed to providing an impact study giving an overview of the difference that the programme has made in the target regions, as well as in the GBIF community more widely. The impact study will follow up the baseline study carried out in 2016. Drawing on the baseline study, the following indicators are recommended as the core of the impact study. The Consultant is welcome to suggest other indicators of impact.

Your proposal

Please include the following in your proposal submission:

  1. A summary of the approach you will take to the work, including a potential outline for the report (no more than two pages)
  2. Suggestions for additional metrics/sources you would recommend for the study
  3. Specific suggestion for a methodological approach to measure the impact of the data mobilized through BID in terms of gap-filling, improved modelling outcomes etc. (optional but will help the submission).
  4. A quotation in Euros for the amount you would charge for this work
  5. A full up to date CV
  6. Examples (attachments or links) of products from three projects you have led in the past five years that are relevant to this proposal.

Please send your proposal to bid@gbif.org with cc to Tim Hirsch at thirsch@gbif.org.

Monday, January 14, 2019