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Economic Valuation of Pollinator Services

Because everyone understands dollars and cents, these tools are useful in making a case for the merits of preserving pollinators and adopting practices/systems for sustaining them. 

Introduction: A range of studies have shown that pollination makes a very significant contribution to the agricultural production of a broad range of crops, in particular fruits, vegetables, fibre crops and nuts (e.g. Levin, 1984; Costanza et al., 1997; Gordon and Davis, 2003). For instance, the value provided by the pollination service with respect to US agriculture alone is estimated at between US$ 6 and 14 billion per year (Southwick and Southwick, 1992; Morse and Calderone, 2000). However, estimates for the economic value of the pollination service vary widely (e.g. Richards, 1993; Costanza et al., 1997), and there is an urgent need for a review of potential valuation methods and an analysis of the experiences with the valuation of the pollination service to date. 

Full document here: http://www.fao.org/fileadmin/templates/agphome/documents/Biodiversity-po...

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