Environmental Security and Sustaining Peace Training
11 February 2019 to 8 April 2019

Conflicts over natural resources and the environment are among the greatest challenges in 21st-century geopolitics. These conflicts present serious threats to human security at both the national and local levels. Natural resources and the environment can nonetheless serve as a vehicle for peace if managed in a sustainable and equitable manner. 

This free 8-week course starts on 11 February - and only requires 2 hours per week of time. Transcripts are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. The video trailer is here:
This course is designed for:

  • Peace and security specialists that want to understand more about natural resources.
  • Natural resource experts that want to design more conflict-sensitive programs.
  • Sustainable development practitioners – as well as private-sector actors – who need to understand how natural resources can be developed in fragile contexts with weak governance.
  • Advanced undergraduates and graduate students interested in the key concepts and practices of this growing field.


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