Hackathon: Big Data for Bees
14 December 2018 to 15 December 2018
JADS Mariënburg Campus Sint Janssingel 92 5211 DA 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Netherlands

About the Hackathon

The 30-hour hackathon is dedicated to supporting the goals of the NL Pollinator Strategy ‘Bed & Breakfast for Bees’. This strategy aims to ensure that pollinators and pollination are sustainably promoted and retained by 2030. We will use Big Data to help partners to work on the systematic and structural improvement of the habitat for all pollinators.

The hackathon is powered by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. We are collaborating with distinguished partners, such as Naturalis, the national research institute for biodiversity, Wageningen University and Research and JADS, The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science.


Bees are vital to life on earth and the global economy as they pollinate many essential crops. But their numbers are falling. Data analysis is being used to discover why, and more importantly, what we could do to fix it. One of the most critical components are large amounts of interchangeable standardized data related to bees, bee health, and hive outcomes. Big Data will be instrumental in developing new solutions to help recover and maintain healthy bee populations and a living planet.


In October there will be two dedicated workshops to prepare for the hackathon. The first one is targeted to scientists working in relevant fields, and the second workshop is dedicated to the affiliated partners of the National Bee Strategy. These workshops are used to further define and prepare the challenges and corresponding data for the hackathon in December. 


The hackathon offers a unique opportunity to work with other tech-savvy creatives, state of the art Big Data experts and lovers of bees. We offer you all the ingredients to kickstart your startup or speed up your existing one by offering you a carefree hacking experience, including structured, robust and easy-to-use data, exciting new data, well-defined challenges, access to successful startups and BigData4Bees experts. 

This is a free event for data scientists, tech-savvies, creatives and domain experts. 
Register until 2 December.

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