How future-proof is the European Green Deal really?

13 October 2021


In 2019, the European Commission launched the “European Green Deal”, a comprehensive policy package aimed at achieving “no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050”. The Green Deal openly advocates for green growth: “Europe’s new growth strategy” claims that it will be possible to decouple “economic growth […] from resource use”. Of course, this is not without criticism from green-growth skeptics.

In part 5 of our event series on green growth and degrowth, we want to discuss how bold and future-proof Europe’s Green Deal really is. Is the European Green Deal as ambitious as it claims and enough to keep the EU within the limits of the Paris climate agreement? Or does it perpetuate ideas responsible for climate change in the first place?

To discuss these questions, we are delighted to welcome a stellar panel: Prof. Claudia Kemfert is the Head of Energy, Transportation, and Environment department, DIW Berlin and a Professor for Energy Economics and Energy Policy at the Leuphana University Lüneburg. Ulrike Herrmann is economics editor at the taz daily newspaper in Berlin. Antoine Colombani works for the European Commission, where he is member of the cabinet of Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal Frans Timmermans. Elizabeth Dirth, senior consultant at the ZOE Institute for future-fit economies, will moderate the event.

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