Making Money & Save the Planet – What is needed to bring it together?

16 September 2021


Decarbonizing the economy is necessary to reach the Paris Climate goals. While regulatory incentives like a price for C02 come to everyone’s mind fast, many do not think about the actual work, which businesses have to do to become carbon neutral. How can we create sustainable businesses by reducing C02 emissions? What can businesses already do in the current political environment to become more sustainable? What regulatory changes are needed for a co-existence of businesses with the environment?

We want to discuss these questions and beyond with our guest researchers Giovanna Michelon and Christian Felber. Giovanna Michelon researches on Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance as a professor at the University of Bristol. Christian Felber is a researcher on non-financial reporting of firms at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) and author of the book “Change Everything – Creating an Economy for the Common Good”.

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