NEA stakeholder engagement workshop

8 September 2021


The workshop will take place on Wednesday 8th September between 12:00 – 3:00pm (BST). It will be delivered on the platform Zoom via the link here. These will be recorded and stored on the NEA Initiative website. Interpreters will be used during the workshop (English to Spanish).



Tranche II and III countries: Dominican Republic, Malawi, Thailand, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Cambodia and Grenada. Tranche II countries will be invited to attend the first half of the session if they wish, but it would act more as a refresher to them, they are encouraged to attend the second half of the session. 


Provide Tranche II and III countries with greater understanding of the benefits and methods of engaging with stakeholders in the NEA process. 


The workshop objectives are to: 

1. Facilitate a discussion on methods to address barriers and challenges of engaging with stakeholders throughout the NEA process; 

2. Provide information on building stakeholder engagement and using different stakeholder engagement methods; 

3. Introduce the tools available to support country partners with their stakeholder engagement and with monitoring the effectiveness of this engagement; and 

4. Facilitate knowledge exchange on innovative methods to keep stakeholders engaged throughout the NEA process. 


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