Policy Priorities for Sustainable Resource Management in West Asia

8 September 2021


The International Resource Panel (IRP) and the UNEP Regional Office for West Asia have organized a consultation in partnership with the ‘Global Opportunities for Sustainable Development Goals’ (GO4SDGs) initiative to hear from critical regional stakeholders who work on sustainable resource management, resource efficiency, and sustainable consumption and production on the 8th of September/10:00-12h30 AST (UTC+3).

The objectives of the consultation are two-fold:

(1) Collect feedback on the current policy priorities and knowledge needs for the sustainable management of natural resources in the region.

(2) Collect ideas on critical opportunities for IRP research to impact regional policy processes.

Feedback from these consultations will inform the 2021 Strategic Planning Exercise to develop the 2022-2025 IRP Work Programme.

The meeting will be held in English (consultation will be in Arabic) and the presentations will be available in English and Arabic and shared in advance.

Background document is available for download.

Agenda is available for download.

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