THE HIDDEN HERO: How can a Net Zero food system be delivered to the benefit of people and planet?

30 November 2021


You’ll find out the key developments from the UN Food System Summit and its implications for the global food system. You will discover what actions will create a Net Zero food system and hear new research from WRAP setting out the pathway for the UK food and drink sector to make a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and from United Nations Environment Programme’s on the role of businesses in transforming food systems.

International speakers and moderators include representatives from United Nations Environment Programme, World Bank, Consumer Goods Forum, Unilever, EAT Foundation, Nestle, World Resources Institute, EIT Food, Sodexo and Morrisons.

This event will be of interest to policy makers, NGOs, businesses and civil society who all have a role to play in driving change.

Weblink https://wrap.org.uk/resources/report/virtual-event-hidden-hero-how-can-net-zero-food-system-be-delivered-benefit-people

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