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Professor Atef Ahmed
Suez Canal University
Technical field(s) of expertise:
- International. Regional and National Environmental agreements and Conventions (CBD, Nagoya Protocol, CBD, Aichi Biodiversity Targets, CITES Convention, etc.) - Environmental Management Consultant...
daulos_mauambeta's picture
Mr. Daulos Mauambeta
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Forestry, Agroforestry, Apiculture and Horticulture - Pollination etc Land degradation and Restoration Sustainable Use and Conservation of Biodiversity Conservation Finance
absalom_sakala's picture
Mr. Absalom Sakala
Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection
Dr. Abram Bicksler
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Agroecology, sustainable food production, pollination, NUS, seed banking
debkumari_bachaspatimayum's picture
Dr. Debkumari Bachaspatimayum
Midas Touch ( an environmental conservation organisation)
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Indigenous and local knowledge in biodiversity; Ecosystem-based adaptation; Medicinal and aromatic plants for livelihood generation
mireille_zebsa's picture
Mrs. Mireille Zebsa
Centre Régional de la Recherche Scientifique et de l'Innovation de l'Est
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Sustainable management of natural resources
john_onyekuru's picture
Dr. John Esitadimma Onyekuru
Jojas Consulting Services Limited
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use
Dr. Atieno Mboya Samandari
Emory University Law School
United States
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Gender; Land degradation and restoration; Ecosystem-based adaptation; International climate change law
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