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Ms. Marta Panco
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Global Policy Centre on Resilient Ecosystems and Desertification
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Biodiversity; Agriculture; Organic agriculture; research
PhD Adi Vesnic
Faculty of Science, Sarajevo University
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Myrmecology; Taxonomy; Insect ecology
Dr. Kamaljit Sangha
Charles Darwin University
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Ecological economics; Valuation of ecosystem services; Indigenous values of natural systems; Indigenous knowledges and natural resource management
Mr. Maximin Djondo
Benin Environment and Education Society
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Ecosystem services mapping and valuation
Professor Simon Potts
University of Reading
United Kingdom
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Co-chair of the IPBES assessment of Pollination, Pollinators and Food Production; Biodiversity; Ecosystem services; Pollination; Sustainable Agriculture; Science-policy interface
Dr. Giacomo Cozzolino
Italian Ecosystem Services Alliance
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Biodiversity conservation; Protected areas management and planning; Ecosystem services assessment; Payment for ecosystem services; Sustainable financing; International cooperation; Project design;...
Mr. Godfrey Oluka
National Environment Management Authority
Technical field(s) of expertise:
- Development of mechanisms for managing ecosystems, ecosystem services, and environmental and ecosystem change and the associated risks. - Capacity building for environmental, natural resources...
Dr. Prue Addison
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Conservation decision-making; Science-management interface work; Biodiversity monitoring; Evaluation and reporting systems
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