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paul_venton's picture
PhD Paul Venton
United States
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Disaster risk reduction
katalin_torok's picture
Dr. Habil Katalin Török
Centre for Ecological Research, Institute of Ecology and Botany (MTA OK)
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Restoration ecology
saiful_karim's picture
Mr. Saiful Karim
Queensland University of Technology
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Environmental law, Environmental policy,  Marine environmental law, Agricultural law, Agricultural policy, Climate change law, Environmental governance in the Asia-Pacific, Land Conservation Law,...
josef_settele's picture
Mr. Josef Settele
Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Biodiversity, Global change, Agro-Ecology, Science-Policy. Involved as an expert in IPBES assessment on pollination, pollinators and food production.
koos_biesmeijer's picture
Mr. Koos Biesmeijer
Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The Netherlands
Netherlands, the
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Plants and pollinators: Ecology, Biology, Declines, Networks, Behaviour. Involved as an expert in IPBES assessment on pollination, pollinators and food production
rosemary_hails's picture
Professor Rosemary Hails
NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
United Kingdom
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Natural capital monitoring and accounting
vanina_antunes's picture
Mrs. Vanina Antunes
Fundo Brasiliero para a Biodiversidade (FUNBIO),
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Seed Science, Biodiversity Conservation Biology
desterio_nyamongo's picture
Dr. Desterio Ondieki Nyamongo
Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Seed Science and Biodiversity Conservation Biology
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