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Dr. Prue Addison
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Conservation decision-making; Science-management interface work; Biodiversity monitoring; Evaluation and reporting systems
machteld_schoolenberg's picture
Ms. Machteld Schoolenberg
PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Netherlands, the
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Land degradation; Landscape restoration; Stakeholder outreach
marcello_hernandez's picture
Mr. Marcello Hernandez
Australian National University
Costa Rica
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Ecosystem services valuation (mainly economic valuation); PSE schemes; ESP Chair for Costa Rica; ESP Co-Chair for Central America; IPBES lead author; IUCN CEM-Ecosystem Services member; Future Earth...
kim_nguyen's picture
PhD Bach Kim Nguyen
University of Liège/BeeOdiversity
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Bees; Pollination; Biodiversity; Food diversity: Health
brenda_rashleigh's picture
Dr. Brenda Rashleigh
Environmental Protection Agency
United States
Technical field(s) of expertise:
The goal of my research in quantitative aquatic ecology is to support management, conservation, and restoration of water systems. I use statistical approaches such as multiple regression and boosted...
lluis_brotons's picture
Dr. Lluís Brotons
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Global change; Biodiversity; Landscape ecology; Species distribution modelling; Multifunctional forest management; Behavioural ecology; Spatial heterogeneity and disturbance dynamics; Mediterranean...
lisa_biber-freudenberger's picture
Dr. Lisa Biber-Freudenberger
Center for Development Research
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Nature Conservation; Biodiversity; Ecosystem Services; Human Development; Climate Change Adaptation
peter_smith's picture
Dr. Peter Smith
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Climate Change Impact Assessment; Climate Change Adaptation; Ecosystem Based Adaptation; Biodiversity Conservation; Natural Resource Management; Landscape Ecology
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