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divya_narain's picture
Ms. Divya Narain
Environmental Management Centre
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Biodiversity Finance, Business and Biodiversity, Biodiversity Conservation
driss_ezzine-de-blas's picture
Dr. Driss Ezzine-de-Blas
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Interdisciplinary evaluation of conservation and development policies
tine_rossing's picture
Mrs. Tine Rossing
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Ecosystem-based adaptation, community-based adaptation, integrated ecosystem management, biodiversity conservation, gender mainstreaming, sustainable livelihoods, climate adaptation mainstreaming,...
net-positive's picture
Mr. Fraser Brown
United Kingdom
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Conservation finance, Financing forests, Biodiversity finance, Green Climate Fund
jamison_ervin's picture
Dr. Jamison Ervin
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
United States
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Protected area planning, management and assessment; Resilience; Biodiversity finance; Community-based natural resource management; Monitoring and indicators; Biodiversity mainstreaming; E-learning...
yaakov_anker's picture
PhD Yaakov Anker
Samaria and the Jordan Rift R&D center/Samaria and the Jordan Rift R&D center
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Geology, Hydrology, Environmental research, Remote sensing, GIS, Geochemistry. Involved as an expert in IPBES assessment on pollination, pollinators and food production.
caroline_petersen's picture
Ms. Caroline Petersen
South Africa
Technical field(s) of expertise:
Ecosystem-based adaptation, hybrid "grey-green" approaches, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness; Land degradation and restoration; Synergies between global environmental agreements and...
assan_ngombe's picture
Mr. Assan Ng'ombe
United Nations Development Programme - Global Policy Centre on Resilient Ecosystems and Dersertification (GC-REAL)
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