Title Name Language spoken Country Organisation Profession Message View
PhD Maria Teresa Martínez Domínguez English, German, Spanish Germany Environmental and International Development Consultant
Mr. Tesfaye Tolossa English Ethiopia Mizan Tepi University lecturer at Mizan Tepi Un iverity , ethiopia
Mr. Tess Finley Russian United States
Mr. test test English Afghanistan
Mr. test test English Afghanistan test test
Ms. Thea Buckle English South Africa ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainabiltiy - Africa Secretariat & ICLEI Cities Biodiversity Center Communications Officer
Mrs. Theodora Petanidou English, French, Italian, Other Greece University of the Aegean Professor of Ecology
Mr. Theophilus Amazemba English Nigeria Women Environmental Programme Program officer
Dr. Thera Edwards English Jamaica The University of the West Indies - Mona Campus Map Curator & Lecturer
Mr. Therese Weiss Russian United States

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