Title Name Language spoken Country Organisation Profession Message View
Mr. Adem Bilgin English, Other Turkey Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Head of Research Division
PhD Adi Vesnic English Bosnia and Herzegovina Faculty of Science, Sarajevo University Docent
Dr. Adrien Byamungu Ndeko English, French Congo (Republic of the) Université Evangélique en Afrique Assistant lecture and researcher
Ms. Agnes Hallosserie French France Foundation for Research on Biodiversity Scientific Secretary for International Interfaces
Ms. Ágnes Roboz English Hungary Corvinus University of Budapest Assistant professor
Mr. Ahimbisibwe ALEX English Uganda Batwa indigenous development organisation Direcctor
Dr. Ahmad Mahdavi English, Other Iran University of Tehran/Sustainable Agriculture and Environment Entomologist/Ecotoxicologist/Retired Professor of University of Tehran
Mr. Ahmed Senhoury French Senegal PRCM Director
Mr. Aibek Samakov English, Russian, Other Kyrgyzstan Aigine Cultural Research Center Researcher
Dr. niamir English Germany Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Cetnre Postdoctoral Researcher

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