Title Name Language spoken Country Organisation Profession Message View
Ms. Ainur Shalakhanova Russian Kazakhstan Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) Expert on Resource Mobilization
Mrs. Aisha Ward German United States
Ms. Aissa Traore French Switzerland
Mr. Akash M English United States
PhD Afshin Akhtar Khavari English Australia Griffith University Reader in Law
Ms. Akmaral Agazhayeva Russian Kazakhstan UNDP Kazakhstan Project expert
Ms. Alana Williamson English United Kingdom UNEP-WCMC Assistant Programme Officer, Climate Change and Biodiversity
Dr. Alan Feest English United Kingdom ecosulis Research Director/Senior Research Fellow
Mrs. Alayna Browning French United States
Mrs. Ala Rotaru English, Russian, Other Other / Not Specified Biodiversity Office, Ministry of Agriculture, Territorial Development and Environment Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Consultant

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