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Study of key technologies for fishways in the plateaus of western China
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Determining how to restore fish migration routes blocked by large dams is the subject of great debate. Fishways are effective engineering measures restoring fish migration routes. However, most fishways in China do not carry out their target functions. Additionally, no studies have investigated key fishway technologies in the plateaus of Western China. In this research, the relationship between fish behavior and hydrodynamics was assessed by conducting quantitative descriptions of flow speed, turbulence, and other hydraulic indicators. First, target fish species of the plateaus of Western China were determined; then,
swimming capabilities and migration characteristics of target fish were assessed. Then the preliminary hydraulic conditions for fishway projects in the plateaus of Western China were proposed. Finally, on-site migration experiments in the fishways were conducted to validate the preliminary hydraulic conditions.

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Xi Mao, Jia Li, Ruidong An et al.
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Sustainable Use and Conservation of Biodiversity

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