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Pollinator scarcity drives the shift to delayed selfing in Himalayan mayapple Podophyllum...
Ying-ZeXiong, Qiang Fang and Shuang-Quan Huang
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Recent molecular phylogenetics have indicated that American mayapple (mainly self-incompatible, SI) and Himalayan mayapple, which was...

Pollination in the oil palms Elaeis guineensis, E. oleifera and their hybrids in tropical...
María Raquel Meléndez and William Patricio Ponce
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Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) is very important in the Central and South American economies. Plants suffer from a devastating fungal...

Indirect Effects of Landscape Spatial Structure and Plant Species Richness on Pollinator...
Shannon N. Grover, Jesse E. D. Miller and Ellen I. Damschen
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Changes in landscape spatial structure—specifically, reductions in habitat area and connectivity—are thought to be a primary cause of...

Identification of major quantitative trait loci underlying floral pollination syndrome...
Carolyn A. Wessinger, Lena C. Hileman, and Mark D. Rausher
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Distinct floral pollination syndromes have emerged multiple times during the diversification of flowering plants. For example, in...

Gradual replacement of wild bees by honeybees in flowers of the Mediterranean Basin over the...
Carlos M. Herrera
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Evidence for pollinator declines largely originates from mid-latitude regions in North America and Europe. Geographical heterogeneity in...

Floral Morphology Differs Among New Northern Highbush Blueberry Cultivars
Matthew Arrington and Lisa Wasko DeVetter
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Variation in floral morphology and timing of bloom are common among cultivars of northern highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.)....

Floral Longevity and Attraction of Arctic Lupine, Lupinus arcticus: Implications for...
Clara Reid
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Pollination by insects is a mutualistic relationship in which flowers receive pollen for reproduction while pollinators are rewarded with...

Effects of a Possible Pollinator Crisis on Food Crop Production in Brazil
Samuel M. A. Novais, Cassio A. Nunes, Natalia B. Santos and Ana...
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Animal pollinators contribute to human food production and security thereby ensuring an important component of human well-being. The...