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Protein complex detection based on flower pollination mechanism in multi-relation reconstructed...
Xiujuan Lei, Ming Fang, Ling Guo and Fang-Xiang Wu
Articles/Book chapters

Detecting protein complex in protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks plays a significant part in bioinformatics field. It enables us...

Discovery of Aphid Lethal Paralysis Virus in Vespa velutina and Apis cerana in China
Dahe Yang et al.
Articles/Book chapters

Honey bees are essential to the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. However, despite no single factor being blamed for losses of...

Fault diagnosis of transformer based on fuzzy clustering and the optimized wavelet neural...
Wenhui Teng, Shuxian Fan, Zheng Gong, Wen Jiang and Maofa Gong
Articles/Book chapters

In order to solve the disadvantages of the traditional wavelet neural network (WNN) algorithm applied in transformer fault diagnosis,...

A genetic approach to study mating system on Jabon Merah(Anthocephalus macrophyllus Roxb.) from...
S H Larekeng, M Restu, A Arif, Y F Cahyaningsih and J Mukti
Articles/Book chapters

Jabon merah (Anthocephalus macrophyllus) is fast-growing species that endemic to Indonesia, particularly Sulawesi and Maluku....

Vanilla bahiana Hoehne (Orchidaceae): studies on fruit development and new perspectives into...
Tailane Alves do Nascimento, Maura da Silva Costa Furtado,...
Articles/Book chapters

Vanilla is the most well-known and economically important genus of Orchidaceae in the world. Vanilla bahiana is...

Special Issue: Honey Bee Research in the US: Current State and Solutions to Beekeeping Problems
Margarita M. López-Uribe and Michael Simone-Finstrom
Articles/Book chapters

The European honey bee (Apis mellifera) is the most important managed species for agricultural pollination across the world. Despite...

ECOSYSTEM-BASED ADAPTATION Selected Case Studies from Africa
Case studies

What are ecosystems?
Ecosystems or ecological systems are made up of all living and non-living things interacting...

First record of Aspicera hartigi (Hymenoptera, Figitidae) from India, with observations on its...
Zubair Ahmad Rather, Aijaz Ahmad Wachkoo, Anzar Ahmad Khuroo,...
Articles/Book chapters

Aspicera hartigi Dalla Torre, 1889 is reported for the first time from India. A brief diagnosis and photographic illustrations...