BES-Net enables users with permissions to create and manage their own groups. Community members often want to self organize or spontaneously organize around a topic of interest. Allowing communities to organize naturally is an important part of a healthy community.

A group is created by a single group owner, who has special permissions including the ability to delete the group the owner created. Group administrators also have special permissions but cannot delete the group unless they are assigned to be the group owner. Group subscribers communicate amongst themselves using the group home page as a focal point. They do so by posting content of type “Group Post”. A block is shown on the group home page that links to these group specific posts and actions. The block also provides summary information about the group.

Groups may be selective or not. Selective groups require approval by the group administrator in order to become a member. BES-Net also support private groups which will not be displayed in a list of groups, the most important example being the Stakeholders Network Group.

Creating a Group

  1. Make sure you are logged in to the site
  2. Navigate to Networking > Find and Connect, then click the [Create your Own Group] button
  3. Fill in the “Create BES-Net Group” form:
    • enter a title for the group
    • select the group visibility (public or private)
    • optionally enter a description for the group
  4. click [Save] to create the group. The new group is created in Draft mode, waiting for an administrator to review and approve it.

The user that creates a group becomes the group manager by default. However, this can be changed to a different user or more group managers can be added to the group.

Manage Group Members, Roles and Permissions

  1. Logged in as the Group Administrator, go to the Group home page, then click the Group tab
  2. Click “Add People” to add new members to the Group
  3. Click “People” to manage the group members.
  4. Click “Permissions” to view the currently configured group permissions
  5. Click “Roles” to view the currently configured group roles

To set a member as the group administrator:

  1. go to the “People” tab
  2. locate the member you want to be promoted to the administrator state, and click “edit”
  3. check “administrator member” under “Roles”
  4. click [Update membership]

Create a post for the group

To create a new post that all group members can see:

  1. Logged in as the Group Administrator, go to the Group home page, then click the New Post button in the Recent Posts section
  2. Enter a title for the post
  3. Choose the group under Groups Audience
  4. Enter a short Summary for the post
  5. Enter the full post in the body.
  6. Click Save


Additional commands are available from the group’s home page:

  • view the list of group members
  • view the user profile of any member
  • ask a question to a member
  • visit the group dedicated forum, if configured
  • open the Live Chat
  • send a question to all members (poll group)
  • send a survey to all members
  • send any post as a Newsletter to all group members, or create a new post to be sent as Newsletter
  • access the group’s Google Drive for online collaboration, if configured (instructions on setting up and using Google Drive for your group can be found here)