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An Inventory for Ecosystem-based Adaptation

An ‘Inventory of Tools and Methodologies relevant for Ecosystem-Based Adaptation (EbA) Practitioners’ has been developed as part of the IKI funded global projects Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA): Strengthening the evidence and informing policy, implemented by IIED, IUCN and UNEP-WCMC, and Mainstreaming Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA): Strengthening EbA in planning and decision making processes, implemented by GIZ. Both projects aim to show climate change policy-makers when and why EbA is effective – the conditions under which it works, and the benefits, costs and limitations of natural systems approaches – and to promote the better integration of EbA principles into policy and planning.

The Inventory, which currently contains around 160 reviewed tools and methods, can be accessed here: http://besnet.world/sites/default/files//EbAToolDatabase_and_Application_Template.xlsm.

It serves two purposes:

  1. To provide a baseline for the development of a toolkit/tool to support EbA planning and/or implementation, by outlining existing tools and their utility, in order to identify any important gaps where the project can make a contribution; and
  2. To provide a basis for documenting experiences with existing EbA tools and methodologies.

The Inventory consists of two independent parts: (i) a database of existing EbA Tools and Methodologies; and (ii) a questionnaire to collect information on experience using these tools and methods.

We are sharing the current draft of the inventory in order to:

  1. Gather information about tools and methodologies useful for EbA that are currently not listed in the Inventory;
  2. Gather user experiences of different tools and methodologies useful for EbA; and
  3. Gain feedback on overall perceived gaps in tools and methodologies useful for EbA.

We would be grateful if you could take the time to review the Inventory and provide us with information relating to the above, by the 30th November. Please provide your feedback, or indeed any questions about the Inventory, below. Alternatively, you can email us at charlotte.hicks@unep-wcmc.org.

Deadline for Feedback Extended

The deadline for feedback on the IIED, IUCN, GIZ and UNEP-WCMC EbA Inventory has been extended to 30 December, 2016! Please share your feedback below and/or email it to charlotte.hicks@unep-wcmc.org.

Reminder of Feedback Deadline Extension

There are still 2 weeks left to provide input into the EbA tools inventory being developed by IIED, IUCN, GIZ and UNEP-WCMC! We would welcome your knowledge and experience of tools relevant for EbA. Please email any feedback to charlotte.hicks@unep-wcmc.org.

EbA Tools and Methods Inventory - Last chance to comment!

Dear All,

The extended and final deadline for providing comments and inputs to the ​EbA Tools and Methods Inventory is Friday 10th February.

Please email any feedback to charlotte.hicks@unep-wcmc.org.​

Many thanks!