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The Marine Spatial Planning Coordinator (Kenya) will mainly support development of the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy of the MSP with the government of Kenya (GoK), creation of a National MSP Framework with GoK, completion of a Strategic Environmental Assessment and development of a Zoning Plan. The Marine Spatial Planning Coordinator will play a key role in the preparatory stages of marine spatial planning and supporting coordination of the implementation of the MSP project in Kenya. They will support development of a marine spatial plan and fisheries management goals for Kenyan chapter. They will provide the IKI WIO Blue Economy Project and World Bank-funded KEMSFED Projects, the Kenya MSP Coordinating team and government agencies with technical advice on the development of a science-based MSP for Kenya.

The Marine Spatial Planning Coordinator (Kenya) will also provide technical and scientific support on some elements of TNC’s Africa Fisheries Strategy in the application of FishPath to the Lobster and Octopus Fisheries for improved fishery management. The position will apply a diversified knowledge of fisheries-related scientific principles and practices to a broad variety of assignments, from research, analysis and writing, capacity building, and coordination and management support of specific projects.


  • Coordinate, monitor and review the implementation of the MSP project following the and workplan.
  • Ensure effective coordination with stakeholders/ project implementing partners to ensure smooth implementation of assigned activities
  • Provide relevant technical support to the MSP Coordination Team and other relevant MSP stakeholders throughout the process
  • Assisting to build technical and management capacity in support of Kenya’s Marine Spatial Planning
  • Elaboration and implementation of a Marine Spatial Planning approach with the objective of improving and implementing effective decision-making for activities within MSP.
  • Facilitate, engage and support the relevant Government and non-governmental MSP stakeholders and MSP Coordination and Technical Working Groups to ensure they provide the necessary MSP process contributions in the required time and quality
  • Liaise and work with other stakeholders, experts, TNC teams, CSIRO, IKI WIO Blue Economy Project and KEMSFED Project structures as required in and for the process.
  • Process and compile all contributions provided by internal and external stakeholders to ensure effective plan development
  • Support the design, prepare, implement, and evaluate MSP workshops, meetings and events.
  • Support knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation and reporting of MSP process.
  • Participating in and helping organize and manage various workshops for application of FishPath approach to priority fisheries in collaboration with other TNC members, CSIRO, Government Agencies, CSOs and fisher communities.
  • Support development of a Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for Kenya’s Octopus fishery eying a future export fishery that could be certified.
  • Providing relevant assistance on fisheries including supporting working groups on data-limited stock assessment methods, harvest strategy development, use of FishPath and development of an action plan for octopus FIP.
  • May involve working in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding circumstances.
  • Maintain all information and prepare technical progress reports
  • May involve frequent travel domestically and/or internationally, evening and weekend hours.  
  • May help develop and manage work plans and large project budgets.
The Nature Conservancy
Sunday, July 25, 2021