Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) 'Land Matters! Integrating soil degradation concerns and solutions into policy processes


Brief Introduction  

Land degradation affects us all directly or indirectly: food insecurity,
pests, reduced availability of clean water, increased vulnerability
to climate change, biodiversity loss, and much more.
However, policy often fails to acknowledge this problem or is
incapable to identify solutions.
That’s why we offer this MOOC, to help understand how to
influence policymaking to foster sustainable soil protection and
Theoretical and methodological input by experts will help you to
clarify specific policy objectives, the preferred modes of communication
of your target group, and to identify the most suitable
engagement techniques or activities. You will have the opportunity
to exchange views and experiences with experts and
participants and work on the topic  in  an international network of
practitioners, scientists and policymakers.

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