Type of offer: 

World Resources Institute is looking for a publications coordinator, science and research, to coordinate scientific publications and to support to the international Science & Research team.

World Resources Institute strives to conduct high quality research that informs target audiences and helps achieve concrete outcomes in support of our mission. WRI is one of the few nongovernmental organizations with central staff dedicated to creating a strong learning culture and ensuring research excellence across programs and international offices. The Science & Research team oversees a rigorous quality assurance process for all knowledge products bearing the WRI logo and supports over 400 researchers across the Institute in their research projects, from proposal writing to polishing a final draft.

He/she will support the international Science & Research team of about 20 staff around the world. He/she  will also help with the creation and dissemination of trainings, organizing international meetings and retreats, and other administrative tasks and explore areas that align with the Science & Research team’s goals.

World Resources Institute (WRI)
Wednesday, February 20, 2019