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Title Name Languages spoken Country Organization Job Title View
Mrs. A.Paulina Guarderas English, Spanish Ecuador Universidad Central del Ecuador Professor
PhD Aaliah Macdonald Japanese United States
Mrs. Aanchal Sood English India ITC, University of Twente Student
PhD Abagail Noel Spanish United States
Ms. Annabelle Cruz Trinidad English, Spanish, Other Philippines, the UNDP-GEF The Biodiversity Finance Initiative Senior Technical Advisor
Professor Abdelkader Touzi French Algeria Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Professor
Mr. ABDI ROBLE English United States
Mr. Abdoulaye.Djibril Diallo French Guinea WABES
Mr. Abdulaziz Davlatov Russian Tajikistan Institute of zoology and parasitology after E.N. Pavlovsky, Academy of sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan senior researcher
Mr. ABHIJIT BISWAS English India