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Pollination Biology of the Muscadine Grape
Blair Sampson, Steve Noffsinger, Creighton Gupton and James...
Articles/Book chapters

Fruit set in the muscadine grape (Vitis rotundifolia Michx.) depended on insect cross-pollination, although flowers were well...

A quantitative review of pollination syndromes: do floral traitspredict effective pollinators?
Víctor Rosas‐Guerrero, Ramiro Aguilar, Silvana Martén‐...
Articles/Book chapters

The idea of pollination syndromes has been largely discussed but no formal quantitativeevaluation has yet been conducted across...

Effect of honey bee pollination and curd scooping on seed yield of cauliflower
M A Rouf, M A Rahim, M A Siddique and M B Meah
Articles/Book chapters

The experiment was conducted to study the effect of honey bee pollination and curd scooping on seed production of cauliflower (...

Pedilanthus diazlunanus (Euphorbiaceae): pollination by hymenopterans in a bird‐pollinated genus
Eduardo Sahagún‐Godínez and José Aquileo Lomelí‐Sención
Articles/Book chapters

Pollination in the genus Pedilanthus is commonly effected by hummingbirds. Pollination by vespid wasps in Pedilanthus...

Digest: Experimental evolution provides a window into the evolution of generalized pollination
Katherine E. Eisen
Articles/Book chapters

Do plants with multiple pollinators evolve unique trait combinations or intermediate phenotypes compared to plants with onepollinator?...

Diverse visitors with various pollinator importance and temporal change in the important...
Ikuo Kandori
Articles/Book chapters

Assessing pollinator importance of each floral visitor to a plant species is a key to understandingplant–pollinator interaction. The...

Pollen-Stigma Interaction which might be critical to the gametophytic Incompatibility of...
Kensuke Yamashita, Hideo Saita and Nobuko Hashimoto
Articles/Book chapters

A few fundamental experiments were carried out to increase information about the incompatibility of Japanese pear (Pyrus serotina R.)....

The interplay of pollinator diversity, pollination services and landscape change
Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter and Catrin Westphal
Articles/Book chapters

Pollinators are a functional group with high relevance for ensuring cross‐pollination in wild plant populations and yields in major...