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Hedgerows Have a Barrier Effect and Channel Pollinator Movement in the Agricultural Landscape
Felix Klaus , Julia Bass, Lisa Marholt, Birte Müller, Björn...
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Agricultural intensification and the subsequent fragmentation of semi-natural habitats severely restrict pollinator and pollen movement...

Oil collecting bees and Byrsonima cydoniifolia A. Juss. (Malpighiaceae) interactions: the...
Morgana S. Sazan, Antonio Diego M. Bezerra and Breno M. Freitas
Articles/Book chapters

Oil-collecting bees are the natural pollinators of oil-flower plants, but little is known about the pollination process and the...

Moonlight pollination in the gymnosperm Ephedra (Gnetales)
Catarina Rydin and Kristina Bolinder
Articles/Book chapters

Most gymnosperms are wind-pollinated, but some are insect-pollinated, andinEphedra(Gnetales), both wind pollination and insect...

Colour evolution within orchids depends on whether thepollinator is a bee or a fly
M. Shrestha, M. Burd, J. E. Garcia, A. Dorin & A. G. Dyer
Articles/Book chapters

Orchids are a classic angiosperm model for understanding biotic pollination. We studied orchid species within two species‐rich...

Pollen limitation and reproduction of three plantspecies across a temperature gradient in...
Christine Urbanowicz, Ross A. Virginia & Rebecca E. Irwin
Articles/Book chapters

Rapid climate change in the Arctic may increase sexual reproduction in plants because of changes inboth abiotic factors, such as...

Geographic variation in reproductive success of Stenocereus thurberi (Cactaceae): Effects of...
Enriquena Bustamante, Alejandro Casas and Alberto Búrquez
Articles/Book chapters

It has been proposed that species of columnar cacti from dry tropical areas depend on bats for their reproduction, whereas species from...

Pollination efficiency of wild bees and hoverflies provided to oilseedrape
Frank Jauker, Birgit Bondarenko, Heiko C. Becker and Ingolf...
Articles/Book chapters

Declining numbers in honeybees and various wild bee species pose a threat to global pollination services. The identification and...

The mechanism and inheritance of intraflower self‐pollination in self‐pollinating variant...
R. N. Kulkarni, Y. Sreevalli , K. Baskaran and S. Kumar
Articles/Book chapters

The mechanism and inheritance of intraflower self‐pollination in self‐pollinating variant strains of periwinkle was studied using three...