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Water and Migration: A Global Overview
Nidhi Nagabhatla, Panthea Pouramin, Rupal Brahmbhatt et al.
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Global migration has been increasing since the 1990s. People are forced to leave their homes in search of safety, a better livelihood,...

Improving spatial prioritisation for remote marine regions: optimising biodiversity...
Cordelia H. Moore, Ben T. Radford, Hugh P. Possingham et al.
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Creating large conservation zones in remote areas, with less intense stakeholder overlap and limited environmental information, requires...

Historical distribution of Sundaland’s Dipterocarp rainforests at Quaternary glacial maxima
Niels Raes, Charles H. Cannon, Robert J. Hijmans et al.
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The extent of Dipterocarp rainforests on the emergent Sundaland landmass in Southeast Asia during Quaternary glaciations remains a key...

Exploitation and trade of Australian seahorses, pipehorses, sea dragons and pipefishes (Family...
Keith M. Martin-Smith and Amanda C.J. Vincent
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Seahorses and their syngnathid relatives have provided a focus for efforts to ensure sustainable use of marine resources, with new...

Derelict Fishing Line Provides a Useful Proxy for Estimating Levels of Non- Compliance with No-...
David H. Williamson, Daniela M. Ceccarelli, Richard D. Evans et...
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No-take marine reserves (NTMRs) are increasingly being established to conserve or restore biodiversity and to enhance the sustainability...

Crop Expansion and Conservation Priorities in Tropical Countries
Ben Phalan, Monika Bertzky, Stuart H. M. Butchart et al.
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Expansion of cropland in tropical countries is one of the principal causes of biodiversity loss, and threatens to undermine progress...

Combined use of eDNA meta bar coding and video surveillance for the assessment of fish...
Michael Stat, Jeffrey John, Joseph D. DiBattista et al.
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Monitoring communities of fish is important for the management and sustainability of fisheries and marine ecosystems. Baited remote...

Bat habitat use in logged jarrah eucalypt forests of south-western Australia
Paul W. Webala, Michael D. Craig, Bradley S. Law et al.
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Ecologically sustainable forest management is being implemented to address the competing demands of timber production and conservation,...