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Island ecology on biological-cultural diversities and human adaptation in seascapes
Sun-Kee Hong
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The Asian cultural landscape is a mirrored ecosystem of great complexity, formed by the interaction of man and na- ture, coupled with a...

Impact of climate change implies the northward shift in distribution of the Irano-Turanian...
Masoumeh Mahmoudi Shamsabad, Mostafa Assadi and Laura Parducci
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In this study, we used maximum entropy modeling to predict the climate change effects on the distribution range of a subalpine steppe...

Hotspots 2.0: Toward an integrated understanding of stressors and response options
Ahmed S. Khan and Georgina Cundill
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Integrated and transdisciplinary approaches are necessary in hotspots research where the intention is to influence policy and practice....

High quality residues from cover crops favor changes in microbial community and enhance C and N...
Ileana Frasiera, Elke Noel lemeyera; Eva Figuerola et al.
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The objective of the study was to evaluate the effect of a change in management on the soil microbial community and C sequestration. We...

Global-scale characterization of turning points in arid and semi- arid ecosystem functioning
Paulo N. Bernardino, Wanda De Keersmaecker, Rasmus Fensholt et...
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Aim: Changes in dryland ecosystem functioning are threatening the well-being of human populations worldwide, and land degradation,...

Felling Ficus: The Cultural Status of Fig Trees in a Rural Assamese Community, India
H. Eden W. Cottee-Jones and Robert J. Whittaker
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Scattered fig (Ficus spp. Moraceae) trees are critically important for biodiversity conservation in tropical rural landscapes. By...

Contrasting diversity patterns of breeding Anatidae in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
Qing Zeng, Julian Reid and Neil Saintilan
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For sustaining ecosystem functions and services, environmental conservation strate- gies increasingly target to maintain the multiple...

Building ecosystem resilience for climate change adaptation in the Asian highlands
Jianchu Xu, and R. Edward Grumbine
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The Asian Highlands, the vast mountainous area from Pakistan to China including the Hindu‐Kush Himalaya and Tibetan Plateau, have...