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Duties of volunteers will be to assist the research officer with:-  

  1. General map of area that will include roads, general habitat types (forest, rivers, floodplain/grasslands, and swamps/ponds), preferred campsites, and Wildlife Management Area (WMA) boundaries.
  2. Species biodiversity inventory for birds, reptiles, amphibians, large mammals, and carnivores in ‘hotspots’ where these wildlife species may occur throughout the year.
  3. Systematic population surveys for large mammals and carnivores, to help attain a relative abundance index of wildlife. These studies will use repeatable methodologies to allow for detection of wildlife population changes over time, which will be important in assessing the impacts of local or tourist hunting, ecotourism activities such as camping and safari tours, or human pressures on the edges of the protected areas.
  4. Train local game scouts, project managers and local conservationists on methodologies used for wildlife inventories and surveys.
  5. Community surveys with local villagers surrounding to help understand potential conflict, concerns, and attitudes towards the RMZP.

     6. Monitor human use inside the protected zone, such as human
inhabitance,   poaching of animals, charcoal, trees, fish, or illegal grazing of livestock.

Kilombero Valley Ornithological Centre
Sunday, October 14, 2018