Take action for people and planet: The All Hands on Deck media challenge

12 October 2021


Households are responsible for approximately 70% of GhG emissions, and impacts on nature and biodiversity are equally daunting. To keep within global warming targets and to meet 2030 and 2050 targets, we will all have to live better and lighter. New and digital technologies, more data and increased sustainability awareness may help but we need to rethink how we eat, move, live and play and redesign the systems that underpin these decisions.

The evidence is clear on what to do at a macro level. Individually, because lifestyles vary across the planet, we can start by exploring what we can and are already doing to live more sustainability. Everyday actions can be powerful yet simple: swapping the protein we eat, buying better; treasuring clothes and electronics for longer, and choosing experiences.

The All Hands on Deck media challenge, based on the Anatomy of Action approach, works through organizations and networks involved in climate, nature, youth, education and sustainable development to galvanize, one effective voice of change and to create an aspirational mosaic of what sustainable living already looks like. UNEP’s Sustainable Lifestyles team supports partners, aggregates results and helps feed messaging into key (policy) events. As of July 2021, the challenge has reached 9.4 million and is going strong! The challenges build momentum towards the 50th UNEP anniversary and Stockholm +50 in 2022.

By taking part in this challenge, all participants and influencers can have a positive impact within their community and contribute to a global movement targeting policy makers around the world in 2022.

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