BES-Net Trialogues bring together the three BES-Net communities of science, policy and practice in a participatory and constructive dialogue

Trialogue in National Ecosystem Assessments

This digital interactive is also available in French and Spanish.

Trialogue Approach

Trialogues are multistakeholder events that focus on specific policy priorities at the national and regional levels, strengthening the culture of dialogue to promote the science-policy-practice interface for sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Trialogues are unique in that they purposefully include the participation of practitioners – members of NGOs, community organizations, private sector, unions and Indigenous Peoples’ groups. This helps include all perspectives and builds a diverse set of evidence to make decisions.

Bridging the gap between scientific, traditional and other knowledge systems, a Trialogue contextualizes research and offers a common ground for action. It uses innovative methods to build a sense of community, including learning through experience and play, relying on five senses and offering semi-formal spaces for brainstorming new ideas.

The explainer video is also available in French and Spanish.

Regional Trialogues

At the regional level, Trialogues aim to strengthen the interface between science and traditional knowledge as well as between policy and practice, fostering regional commitment and collaboration.

National Trialogues

At the national level, the Trialogue approach creates a three-way dialogue between scientists, policymakers and practitioners, building capacity for decision-making and implementing biodiversity solutions.

After the Trialogues

After engaging in BES-Net’s Regional and National Trialogue events, participants and their partners proactively initiate the implementation of Trialogue Action Plans – tangible solutions developed during the Regional Trialogues to build commitment and capacity in their respective countries.

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