BES Solution Fund

BES-Net channels catalytic funds towards tangible biodiversity solutions in 18 countries.

BES-Net’s seed funds will be used strategically to upscale and implement findings and recommendations emerging from IPBES assessments and national ecosystem assessments in 18 countries between 2021 and 2028. Aligning with national biodiversity strategies and action plans, these funds will help to strengthen institutions, better engage science, policy and practice communities, improve data availability and use and promote rigorous on-the-ground initiatives to conserve, protect and restore threatened ecosystems.

Complementing the efforts under the BES Solution Fund, short-term funds are also provided on an as-needed basis in selected countries to address specific time-bound priority themes, such as the targeted land restoration and sustainable land management activities undertaken in 2021–2022 in Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Kenya and Malawi at national and subnational levels.

BES Solution Fund by Country

From pollinator conservation research and land degradation mitigation to policy tools, advocacy and public awareness, explore how the BES Solution Fund works in different countries.