Regional Trialogues

At the regional level, Trialogues aim to strengthen the interface between science and traditional knowledge as well as between policy and practice.

About Regional Trialogues

BES-Net has facilitated Regional Trialogues in five subregions around the world. Regional Trialogues enhance national capacity to integrate findings and recommendations from the IPBES thematic assessments into policy, planning and on-the-ground programmes and projects. The Trialogue methodology seeks to foster mutual learning, intercultural understanding and inter-institutional coordination. With improved awareness and enhanced networking around the IPBES assessment themes, the participants of the Regional Trialogues have been promoting policy reforms, undertaking new research studies and organizing sensitization events across the world.

Upcoming Trialogues

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Past Trialogues

Learn about past Trialogues, including the regions and themes covered and the outcomes.

Caribbean Regional Trialogue 2018

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