BES-Net’s strength lies in its diverse network, which brings together organizations at the global, national and local levels, pooling the expertise of researchers from natural and social science fields to address the most pressing drivers of biodiversity loss.

Our Consortium

BES-Net is jointly implemented by UNDP, UNEP-WCMC and UNESCO. Each partner in this consortium brings valuable capacities and insights, complementing different aspects of BES-Net’s work.

Our Partners

Envisioned as a capacity-sharing network of networks to support the uptake of IPBES assessments on the ground, BES-Net leverages the transformative potential of 100+ Network Partners globally to achieve a shared goal of ensuring diverse, healthy and resilient ecosystems.

Our Experts

With a pool of over 130 experts in fields such as conservation, restoration, ecosystem-based adaptation, biodiversity finance and indigenous and local knowledge, BES-Net’s work benefits from a global pool of expertise. BES-Net-registered users can also gain access to these experts.

Engage with BES-Net

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