Asst. State Director for Conservation Programs

Asst. State Director for Conservation Programs

Type of offer:

Working with the New Mexico chapter, and Conservancy staff from the Western Division, North America and global programs, the Director defines conservation priorities and conservation strategies, leads, and manages a team which will achieve tangible conservation at large scales, and builds strategic, scientific, and technical capacity in the field.  The Assistant State Director for Conservation Programs develops partnerships with key public & private organizations to identify and resolve technical issues and to widely communicate solutions and best practices. The Director identifies and develops public and private sources of funding and resources. They also engage local community support for local conservation efforts. They provide coordination, coaching and leadership for the conservation staff to implement innovative scientific methods, analyses, tools, and frameworks to address natural system needs. The Director negotiates complex, collaborative, and innovative solutions with government agencies, indigenous communities, water users, landowners, and other stakeholders to conserve and protect natural communities. They facilitate the conservation staff in the development and implementation of integrated conservation strategies for stewardship and land management, forest and watershed management, freshwater and climate change, energy and for emerging conservation issues and challenges. They also work closely with other Conservancy staff throughout the organization to develop and share resources, strategies and implement best practices and shared large-scale conservation goals.


  • Geographic size and scope are the State of New Mexico; however, the Director will frequently coordinate with and support TNC staff from the Western Division, the North America Region, and Global Conservation Programs.
  • Supervises staff, including staff at remote locations.
  • Provides leadership for strategy development and to ensure that conservation programmatic capacity is aligned with current and emerging conservation priority issues.
  • Works across state boundaries (e.g., Colorado River Program and Rio Grande Basin, Western Forests) to meet terrestrial and river habitat restoration and environmental flow objectives.
  • Works with TNC global, North America Region and Rocky Mountain Division staff and with external partners to create and implement coordinated, integrated and impactful programs for large scale conservation programs and projects including climate change mitigation and adaptation and avoidance and mitigation of impacts from energy development and use.
  • Leads teams of staff working on multiple issues including land and water conservation, forest health, water funds, climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • Oversees and establishes budgets and maintains optimal performance standards.
  • Writes requests for proposal (RFPs) for grant/contract funding for program.
  • Works closely with the State Director and the Director of Philanthropy to identify resources and to raise private and public funds to support conservation strategies and programs.
  • Frequently makes independent strategic decisions based on analysis, ambiguous information, and judgment.
  • Negotiates complex agreements in a political environment.
  • Frequent travel domestically, evening and weekend hours.
  • May work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations, on difficult and hazardous terrain, and under physically demanding circumstances.
Location: New Mexico
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: July 17, 2022
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