Chief of Section, Programme Management

Chief of Section, Programme Management

Type of offer:

The CITES Secretariat is administered by UNEP and is located in Geneva, Switzerland. This post is located in the Science Unit, CITES Secretariat at the Geneva duty station.

Under the direct supervision of the Secretary-General of CITES, the Chief of the Science Unit will perform the following duties:


1.To direct, co-ordinate and supervise the work of the Science Unit (SU):

a) Organize the provision of all needed scientific and Secretariat assistance to the Animals and Plants Committees; planning and formulating priority objectives for the work programme.
b) Ensure that resolutions and decisions in particularly those related to species that are traded in significant quantities and referred to the SU are handled efficiently and that all actions agreed by the Standing Committee and referred to the SU are completed in the time frame specified.
c) Design, develop and ensure effective implementation of projects on the biological status and sustainable use of species in trade.
d) Provide advice to Parties to assist them and the Conference of the Parties in applying the biological criteria to determine whether or not certain species should be listed in the CITES Appendices and analyze and develop scientific assessments of species in international trade to assist Parties in their implementation of the convention.
e) Encourage and provide advice to Parties to assist them in the development and implementation of recovery plans for Appendix-I species.
f) Plan, organize and clear documentation related to the work of the SU required for meetings of the Conference of the Parties.

2.Establish contacts with the Scientific Authorities;

a) Identify, assess and advise on CITES problems relevant to the countries of different regions; provide advice to facilitate the identification of needs of Parties in the different regions to ensure provision of
appropriate assistance.
b) Participate in relevant fora to inform about CITES and its mission and attend relevant CITES meetings.

3. Manage the programmatic, human and financial resources allocated to the work of the unit: Keep under continuous review the evolution and execution of work programmes in the SU;

a) Develop work plans and implement the e-Performance programme; discuss and develop performance indicators with staff, ensure that deadlines are met for completion of tasks.
b) Prepare the unit’s working programme and budget and monitor the financial resources available for the execution of the work programme and ensure optimal use thereof.
c) Ensure the proper establishment and maintenance of databases related to the work; represent the CITES Secretariat at high level meetings and report back to the Secretariat management team.
d) Lead on the preparation of scientific articles, statements, position papers of the Secretariat or jointly with other partners.

4.Perform other relevant duties as assigned.

Location: GENEVA
Organization: UNEP
Deadline: July 23, 2021
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