Community Conservation Coordinator – Southern Kafue

Community Conservation Coordinator – Southern Kafue

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The Community Conservation Coordinator coordinates and manages TNC’s conservation activities in the Southern GKE and the Zambian component of the Zambezi-Chobe Floodplain Wildlife Dispersal Area. They will serve as the principle point of contact to local public, private and community stakeholders involved in TNC’s interventions in that area, which are determined by the needs of specific funded projects. The role will provide technical support to project partners, including government, NGO and community organizations, and be responsible for the successful undertaking of project activities, reporting on those activities and ensuring the outcomes of the projects are achieved. They will be responsible for coordinating the partnerships and activities of individual projects and drawing these into a single coherent workstream that contributes to TNC’s wider goals for the southern segment of GKE



  • Cultivates and develops partnerships with key stakeholders in the landscape, including communities, government agencies, project implementing partners, collaborating partners and private sector actors.
  • Works with and supports project partners to undertake initiatives in community conservation and nature-based enterprise development to achieve project outcomes.
  • Provides technical support to community conservation organizations to strengthen governance and management capacities, implement resource protection and management plans, develop self-reliance and financial sustainability and cultivate linkages with private market actors in the nature-based business sector.
  • Creates linkages to and manages relationships with regional and national level partners in community conservation.
  • Contributes to the design and development of community conservation models that empower local communities through properly defined property tenure rights and access and benefit sharing mechanisms and facilitate the development of viable nature-based enterprises on communal lands that will spur conservation outcomes and increased economic returns to local communities.
  • Works as part of TNC Zambia’s conservation team, ensuring close communication, collaboration and learning with peers in the team.
  • Works with TNC Zambia’s monitoring and evaluation team to report on project activities and measure outcomes in accordance with individual project requirements.
  • Communicates TNC’s vision consistently across the area of work focus with partners and stakeholders.
  • May require frequent travel domestically and evening and weekend hours.
  • May work in variable weather conditions, at remote locations and under physically demanding circumstances.
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