Conservation Analyst Intern

Conservation Analyst Intern

Type of offer:

The Conservation Analyst Intern will support the development and application of water related science to guide The Nature Conservancy’s strategies across Oregon. They will assist in the collection and development of the evidence needed to evaluate and adapt existing and new conservation strategies that result in sustainable water solutions for both people and nature.

The Conservation Analyst Intern will be engaged in a variety of projects intended to assess the impacts of water management and climate change on hydrological, biological, and socio-economic outcomes within Oregon’s freshwater systems. These outcomes may include but are not limited to aquatic biodiversity and habitat quality, groundwater quantities, surface flows, and drinking and irrigation water provisioning. We anticipate that this position could be fulfilled by someone enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or a GIS certificate program.

We are looking for a candidate who can work in a team environment on a variety of scientific support tasks. Examples of work activities include:

  • Review and organize relevant scientific literature and identify key findings.
  • Collect and develop datasets describing various aspects of surface and groundwater hydrology and related ecosystems in support of TNC’s Sustainable Water Strategy.
  • Provide general analytical support for water resource projects, including GIS-based analyses.
  • Provide status updates to the Conservation Science and Sustainable Water Teams on the progress of assigned projects and relevant results.
  • Document analyses and provide instructions for future work.
  • Produce maps to TNC standards and contribute to written reports.
  • Participate on other conservation science projects as time and skills allow.



  • Work collaboratively with TNC scientists and GIS analysts to provide spatial information and other data products to planning teams.
  • Agree on project deliverables and timelines.
  • Agree to maintain confidential data and information.
  • Engage constructively in team meetings and strive for excellence in all deliverables.
  • Makes day to day decisions as delegated by supervisor.
  • May interact with partner organizations.
  • Work independently and with infrequent supervision.
Location: Oregon
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: April 18, 2022
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