Conservation Communications Fellow

Conservation Communications Fellow

Type of offer:

There has never been a more important time to help the public value conservation and its role in shaping our future. The Nature Conservancy strives to engage a spectrum of audiences to cultivate an informed, motivated, and engaged citizenry to address the planet’s pressing 21st century environmental challenges. The Conservation Communications Fellow (2-year limited term position) will primarily be in service to TNC’s freshwater strategy while offering ancillary support for other conservation projects.

The Fellow’s work will focus on a communications campaign for healthy waters based on a strategy, principles, and messages agreed-upon with partners. This work will help to elevate common messaging amongst multiple organizations, provide local organizations materials they can use in public communications, and help citizens and decision-makers clearly understand how they can contribute to healthy waters.  Through this work, the fellow will provide essential support to public engagement that builds enthusiasm for and participation in conservation in a way that aligns with community values.  To achieve this, the fellow’s work will include:

  • Working with partners on messaging alignment and dissemination
  • Designing visual assets for TNC, partners, and community stakeholders using platforms such as Canva or Adobe Illustrator
  • Communicating with and about the people behind our conservation projects and sharing their stories
  • Creating blog, webpage, and newsletter content for TNC’s freshwater strategy and to a lesser extent, other conservation strategies.
  • Assorted support tasks that include managing a photography and asset library, powerpoint slide deck development, etc

The Fellow will be supervised by a senior level communications professional during their two-year tenure while working closely with our Director of Science and Freshwater.  The Fellow will develop a portfolio of work, co-create communication projects, and engage with cross-functional teams who are working on field projects, policy, conservation science, and philanthropy goals to further advance our work on land, water, and climate.  Depending on the Fellow’s skill sets the first activities may be relatively proscribed and will evolve based on competencies. Follow-on opportunities will grow out of early engagements and the Fellow’s responsibilities will grow in parallel to their early successes.

Location: Vermont
Organization: The Nature Conservancy
Deadline: September 18, 2022
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